Travel Promo Golf database

The Travel Promo Golf database targets golfers that play golf and travel to play golf on a regular basis. These golfers are very responsive to golf and travel offers and are very comfortable with buying through catalogs, online and direct mail offers.
More than 70% of this file makes greater than $85,000 a year and plays golf several times per month.
The major source of this file is from the golfers that have requested information for golf product and travel products; they have subscribed to a golf newsletter, completed golf surveys and bought products.

Golfer database Subscriber Profile / Demographics

Direct Mail 950,000
Email 2,721,000

Male 82%
Female 18%

Age 49 (average)
Household Income $206,000 (average)
Net Worth $614,000 (average)

82% have attended college or hold degrees
15% hold a masters degree or higher

17% have their own business
78% are currently employed

72% of those are in top or middle management
21% make decisions regarding where corporate meetings/retreats are held

Home Ownership
82% own their principal residence

21% own a second home or condo
Travel Activities
  • Golf travel
  • On Average take 1 to 3 golf trips a year
  • Travels with family
  • Business Travel
  • Group travel
  • Top golf destinations
  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • California
  • Las Vegas
  • Hawaii
  • Caribbean
Additional travel features
75% received their golf vacation information from online sources

Average cost of principal vacation is $2,500
33% took trips outside continental U.S. in past three years
Rented a car an average of 6 times in the past year
Took an average of 4 airline trips in the past year
75% have booked travel arrangements on the Internet
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