Destination Travel Marketing

 Destination Marketing and Partner

 Tourism businesses are increasingly embracing a new approach to travel marketing called destination marketing. This approach to marketing seeks to locate discreet tourism products within specific geographical contexts.

Destination marketing now recognizes that individual tourism businesses thrive when they are presented as part of an overall destination proposition rather than being on their own. Accommodation providers need activity and event organizers nearby if they are to attract visitors to their own business: all tourism business exist in a symbiotic relationship with each other.

  • Destination Marketing Partner
  • Destination Marketing Systems

Most operators have informal links to nearby businesses, but destination marketing and destination marketing systems (DMS) seek to formalize these relationships through structured business rules so that best practices and well-linked processes can maximize revenues for all parties.

 Destination Marketing has two strategic objectives: through weaving together tourism businesses into a wider customer proposition, destination management enhances the quality of visitor experience and thereby increases the spend of each visitor. In effect Travel Promo provides the coherence of a "package" with none of the sheep trailer mentality. It can provide visitors with the security of knowing what they will and can do, whilst leaving them with the independence they seek.